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02/11/2011 00:41:00
Re: Annual leave deduction

I joint this company 1/2 year. The letter said after confirm I will entitle for annual leave. But in reality they deducted my salary for my annual leave as unpaid leave and the leave is deducted till end of this year mean included December leave I apply.

Is this reasonable deduction? Deducted all the leave in one month since I joint not deducted month by month.
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KL Siew
02/11/2011 09:35:06
Don't quite get you are trying to say. Anyway, salary will be deducted for any number of days you are on no pay leave.
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03/11/2011 23:12:05
For eg if your are entitle to 8 days per annum, if you work for 1/2 year means you entitle to 4 days only. So if during this 1/2 a year you take leave for eg 6 days, so the company have right to deduct you 2 days as unpaid leave.
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