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01/11/2011 16:38:17
Re: Delayed Confirmation without notice

Hi Siew

i've joined my current company for 4 months since Early July. My probation period as stated in offer letter was 3 months. Besides, they promised at least 10% increment in the email they sent me beforehand.

However, even until now I have yet to get any reply from my boss regarding my status. When I asked my boss about this issue, he said he will do the evaluation later someday since last 2 weeks. I just got my paycheck where my salary is same as last 3 months. May I know if I have the right to chase the amount back (increment amount) in this case?

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KL Siew
01/11/2011 17:05:08
Don't worry so much about the confirmation. Just carry on working as usual. It is not a must for the company to give increment whether on confirmation or otherwise.
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03/11/2011 23:31:58
Yes i agreed with KL Siew.
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