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01/11/2011 10:16:14
Re: Lay off benefit

my boss asked me to leave without letter and only pay me 2 months. but i work for 15 years. is this correct? what to do
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KL Siew
01/11/2011 17:01:02
You better go to the Labour Department and make a complaint. Don't wait..
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03/11/2011 23:42:55
If you work for 15years and has been terminated by your company, you should entitle to :

Benefit = Last 12 months wage/365 x 20days x 15 years.

if your 12 completed months preceding termination earnings is rm12,000 (for example)

Benefit you entitle to the termination will be as follow :

12,000/365 x 20 x 15 = 9,863.01
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