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27/10/2011 15:14:37
Re: Increment and annual leave?

If I joined company in august 2009, am i entitled to my new annual leave in august 2011, or nov2011?also, I receive my increment every year in the month I joined, is that correct, excluding 2009 when i received it at the point of confirmation, namely nov 2009.But thereafter i received it in the month I joined.but this year I am told I will receive it only in jan 2011.Therefore should i receive a pro-rated amt for the months between august 2011, when i have begun my 3rd year, till the month of Jan 2012 when I am told i will receive it along with my annual leave?Is this correct?Thanks
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KL Siew
27/10/2011 16:33:30
1. Something is quite unusual in calculating your annual leave entitlement. Consult the Labour Department with more details.
2. Increment may be problem. Salary increment is usually given at the discretion of the employer. It is something up to them to pay or not to pay or when to pay. Ask your colleagues whether they have the same problem.
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