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24/10/2011 22:32:04
Re: Warning Letter

Hai, I would like to ask if the 1st warning letter is being give out in year 2009, and another (2nd) warning letter is given out in September 2011.
1. Shall the 1st warning letter still be counted in the employee record?
2. If 2nd warning letter been given out (September 2011), is that mean the employer will have the right to terminate the staff directly if the 3rd warning letter being given out after that (counted as if 1st warning letter on year 2009)?
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KL Siew
25/10/2011 14:23:16
1. There is a period of validity for warning letters. Warnings given more than 6 months prior to the present offence should not be taken into consideration. However, I can't quote you any precedents. You may consult the Industrial Relations Department for more specific answers.
2. There is nothing to say how many warnings to be give. It depends on how serious is the offence. Very serious offences may deserve immediate dismissal.
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