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24/10/2011 12:31:31
Re: Working on Public Holidays and Weekends

Hi Mr Siew, i was required to work on Public Holidays (Malaysia Day etc) and some of the weekends. Yet, I didn't get any reimbursement (leave replacement or OT) from my company.

However, there is a condition in the offer letter stating that "The Employee shall carry out his duties during the specified working hours and such further hours including (without limitation), additional days as may from time to time be necessary or advisable in order to meet the needs of the Companies business and such further hours including (without limitation), additional days as any Authorised Person may from time to time require of him"

So does it mean that I have to work whenever they ask me to without asking for reimbursement?

Many thanks
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KL Siew
24/10/2011 16:26:49
The company has the right to require you to work as and when required according to the needs of the company. Of course, they will have to compensate you for doing that. If they fail to do so, complain to the Labour Department. Keep a record of the dates and time you were required to work.
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28/10/2011 04:07:05
May I also ask, what if you salary is above RM2000 monthly full-time and your company Requires you to work on weekends for an event (on a 5 day work week) but refuses to compensate you, therefore forcing you to work the entire weekend continuing to the next following Monday onwards?

However, they will pay allowance to cover only meal and transportation but excludes salary for the weekend or even to give you a day off/replacement in leave?

Would it be reasonable to request a replacement for rest day after working 7 days without rest and back to Monday work day again?
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