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19/10/2011 19:58:30
Re: Problem Staff

We have a driver on probation who took company van home but he got into a fight and the van got damaged badly. do we still pay him salary when he is wanted by the police.
another staff still on probation disappeared for 1 week and didnt inform hr,now wants his salary. the termination is 2weeks notice from either side.
do we pay him
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KL Siew
21/10/2011 11:44:50
1. If the drivers still continues to work, you have to pay salary. His fighting is a different matter. Van damage repair can be covered by insurance, I supposed.
2. The employer can refuse to pay his salary.
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24/10/2011 11:27:46
The driver didnt report for work and didnt make any attempts to send his medical docs to the employer and he was on probation when this incident happened and he is also on 2 weeks resignation period on both side. can the employer give him a indemnity letter to claim back the company's2 weeks
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KL Siew
24/10/2011 16:28:11
Yes, you can do that.
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