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17/10/2011 00:04:45
Re: confused

i would like to ask on a few matters.
im currently working for a small company. In my appointment letter,it stated that my probation period is up to 6months, and my salary is RM2000. Now im in my 7th month,and yet there is no confirmation letter but my salary is adjusted to RM2400. Am I considered confirmed? Can there be no black and white on my salary adjustment, leave,insurance (protection) etc?

Because in my appointment letter,Im not entitled to any leave including annual leave (which will only be given after a year), sick leave etc. Please advice me.

Besides that, i have read in Employment Act 1955 that female employee cannot work between 10pm to 5am in the industrial sector. I worked until 2am,with no payment or allowance, how can the labour party help me?

I can consider myself working in a dangerous sector. But I have no protection? Can the labour party help me to do something?

If let say the Employment Act 1955 does not applies on me, what act can covers me?

Hope to hear from you soon.
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KL Siew
21/10/2011 11:31:30
Yes, you got it right. the EA does not covered you if you are not a "manual labour". You have to protect yourself by negotiating for better terms and conditions of service and have those put in writing. If you think your type of industry (you didn't say what) is too dangerous, look for safer one.
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