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miss jane
16/10/2011 23:05:30
Re: question 1 n 2

Q1). an employee has 5 years' service with the company. He has not been paid of salary for 3 months and he decided to leaves the company's service without giving them notice. Is he entitled to the termination benefits under the Termination and Layoff Regulations 1980?

Q2). a technician is employed to work in Kuala Lumpur with the notice period for termination being 2 weeks. The company then relocates to Johor and the technician refuses to go. If the company terminates his service, how much notice should be given?
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KL Siew
21/10/2011 11:25:05
1. First, make sure you are covered by the Employment Act. Second, make sure you facts are correct about company not paying your salary for 3 months. Third, go and consult the local Labour Office to make sure about your case.

2. I tend to think the technician has a good case against the company. He can try to make a complaint at the Labour Office.
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