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14/10/2011 20:32:24
Re: calculation for salary(monthly) and wages(daily)


i) a staffs started work on 04/10/2011. His salary is RM to calculate his salary for october?any labour law for it?if any, where i can refer?

ii) the daily wages-is it same calculation with monthly salary?

thank you
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KL Siew
15/10/2011 09:47:20
1. (2500/31) x 28

2. Daily wage is paid by day like daily rated workers while monthly rated workers are paid by month.
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19/10/2011 10:23:25
Refer to your date 15/10/2011 , Why the montly salary (2500/31) x 28
Why x28
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KL Siew
20/10/2011 19:50:24
You said he started on 4/10, 4/10 to 31/10 = 28 days isn't it?.
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26/10/2011 16:54:38
Dear Ms/Mr Siew

I got some fren working company , the company calculate the salary by month 26day.
Example: (RM1,600/26*working date)
Isnt legal??Or what can i to help my fren??
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04/11/2011 00:25:36
Adam, what you still want to fight for if divided by 26 is favarable to your friend la it mean your friend will get more pay ok
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