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19/03/2010 00:28:34
Re: exchange executive program - 12 + 12 months

My kid sister is working as an Engineer at company AAA (NSembilan plant) for 3 yrs. She received a short notice from her employer stating she has been selected for exchange executive program and requesting her to go Perlis Plant (Same company AAA). Her job scope at Perlis plant is unavailable and she was told it will be different from what she's doing right now. Accordance to the letter,she has to work there for 12 months and may extended for another 12 months. No salary increment except RM500 allowance. She refuse to go. In this case does she have a right to refuse? there is no such word of "transferred" stated in the offer letter.
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KL Siew
19/03/2010 09:36:03
What I can do is to advise your sister to consult the Industrial Relations Department about her problems. That department may be more in the position to give proper advice by discussing the matter with both the parties involved if necessary.
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