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07/01/2010 14:39:13
Re: MC (Paid Sick Leave)

I need your advise in a case whereby a staff taking MC (Paid sick Leave).

Normal Working Hour : 7.30am-3.30pm

She works from 7.30am-9.30am with the reason not feeling well, she went to see a doctor after 9.30am and doctor provide her MC for that day. But suddenly she wants to claim for the 2 hours work 7.30am-9.30am?

How can we solve this? As from what I know, staff have entitlement for 10days paid sick leave. Do company need to pay extra 2 hours more, as she request?
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KL Siew
07/01/2010 16:08:05
In my opinion, you don't have to pay for the 2 hours or whatever hours if the staff is on paid sick leave. Consult the Labour Department if necessary.
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08/01/2010 13:47:13
Thank you for your reply.

In my experience, if the sick leave entitled already 0 (zero), the staff is MC and company request her to come for duty, staff will be paid. Anyway, thank you.
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