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13/10/2011 13:41:29
Re: Salary & Resignation

Dear Siew Sir,

I would like to know the below:

I joined the company on 26/Sep, and was not received my salary for 26-30 Sept on 1/Oct, and until 7/Oct still not received my salary.

Therefore, i tendered my resignation on 7/Oct with 24 hrs notice although my employment letter stated is 2 weeks.

Am i eligible to receive my Sept month salary?
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KL Siew
13/10/2011 15:30:31
I am not sure whether you can use the reason of failure of the employer to pay wages on due date to give 24 hours notice instead of two weeks. Anyway, if you have not received your salary, you can try making a claim for it at the Labour Department. The Labour Department may be able to look into the actual facts.
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26/10/2011 21:44:52
Hi Mr/Ms Siew,

Our company have over paid a staff allowance. We have over paid her 8 months allowance due to some human error. Just like to check with you whether we can claim the amount back from the stated employee? We would like to deduct the amount back from his monthly salary? Is it lawful? Look forward to hear your reply. Thank a lot.

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