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Nabil Iman
11/10/2011 16:22:48
Re: Non Performance

Recently I received Non Performance Letter from the company I have work for 7 years. In the letter saying 3 things :-
1st - I did not do my work (which wasn't thru)
2nd - sellffish
3rd - big headed
They give me 2 month to improve.
My question is can the Employer terminate me if they think I am not improve?
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KL Siew
11/10/2011 19:21:22
With long experience, we sometimes think we know better and reluctant to accept changes especially made by some new superiors. I don't know about your case. Try to give them your support and guidance if possible.
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Nabil Iman
12/10/2011 10:26:27
What I understand from HR after this notification employer will give show cause letter, than warning letter and final is DI. Actual fact the Employer want me to quit but they don't want to pay if they terminate me.
Indirectly what was happened in my office most of my work given to new staff so left with little work. So after this they can say that I'm not performance.

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KL Siew
12/10/2011 11:22:46
In that case, apart from watching your steps, I think you can go and consult the Industrial Relations Department see whether they can enlighten you on you situation.
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19/11/2011 10:02:06
I had similar problem with u...only yesterday I am put on Performance Improvement Program for 2 months to 'buck up'. My 3.5 years of chronology starts like this:-
April 2008 - Employed as Trg Mgr under Gaming Industry
July 2008 - Confirmed with increment
Jan 2009 - Another good increment & good bonus (asked to help out in F&B line)
Jan 2010 - Another good increment & good bonus (continue to help in F&B line)
May 2010 - New MD came on board. Start talking about wanting the group company to be a CORPORATE company... Introduce drastic change
Jan 2011 - Good increment & bonus
Feb 2011 - Company brought in consultant to help revive dying F&B business. I was instructed to work closely with the consultant. All my plan put on hold. I did passing the 'training manager' baton to the consultant
May 2011 - Too heavy workload, company hired a trainer to help me. Together we only receive instruction to do what was given. Planning n developing of training not done by us but consultant.
August 2011 - Superior cannot stand workload n pressure, hand in resignation...MD spoken to her...she withdraw resignation
Oct 2011 - Performance appraisal, mentioned that my performance poor, my salary higher than even Sr. Manager so company decided no increment n bonus for this year
18 November 2011 - Formally put me on Performance Improvement Program (PIP)...2 months to improve. I replied requesting training as I have been asked to handle F&B training without me having experience and training given.

I know that the company's intention is to force me to leave...this PIP is a tool to satisfy the regulation that a staff had been given every chance to improve before being sacked... in reality, once a staff is put on PIP, he will be gone in 1 month.

When the MD came on board 1.5 years ago, he terminated many staff, mostly high level staff and had to pay a lot to them. So the company changed its rule so that 2 months termination notice became 1 month and carry forward annual leave from 1 year entitlement to only 1/3 annual leave entitlement. Then came a lot of IR cases so together with the past GM or HR, we designed this PIP to cover-up ourselves. Now this PIP is being used to turn me out. For your info, since the MD came on board, we already changed 4 GM for HR....
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