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18/03/2010 12:07:43
Re: Unpaid leave vs allowances

Hi, seek for your advise on this matter. If i would like take about 2 weeks unpaid leave during the month. Is the car allowances will be deducted also??

Thanks Lot!
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KL Siew
18/03/2010 16:27:37
In fact, there is no law to say they cannot do that.
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Alex Yip
11/04/2010 22:40:45
I previously work with a company that offers me a basic salary plus a fixed allowance of rm1600. and partially of my fixed allowance in consider an increament to my basic salary just in an unusual way. I serves the company for five and half years and i was resigned. And ofcourse i have annual leave of 12 days for deduction. But the company did not pay to me my fixed allowance of the month when i resign. And the company notice me that "annual leave is not entitle for fixed allowance". I feel very unfair to me. And i seeking help. Can some one please advice me, whether or not i am entitle for my fixed allowance?
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