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18/03/2010 11:57:52
Re: sad..

Hi, have anyone of you facing this kind situation?? There's an employee who has tender resignation and need to serve for the company for another 2 months. During that 2 months periods, the boss had highlighted to him, just need to focus on 2 important customer with existing current project. So, the staff just follow the instruction. After few times of doing it, the company's HR starting make noise that, 'why are you keep visiting the same customer everyday'??? 'why after visited customer, never go back office anymore???' The staff got nothing to comment and just proceed with what he is do as usual. After few days, he received phone call from his boss, asking with bad emotion :'where are you??' , meet with who in customer's place???' what topic your discuss about'???, 'from what time you started meet with the customer??'.......
Well..can your imagine that??
in fact, the staff was instructed to submit weekly planning and inform superior and HR Dept before attend to customer's place.. Well.. he do so...but finally, this is never enough..
what will your do with this??? sigh...
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KL Siew
18/03/2010 16:19:02
I think I will still give my best and leave the place with a happy heart.
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