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06/10/2011 11:51:49
Re: Pregnancy during probation

I'm now 7 weeks pregnant & have just joined a new company for 4 days. Since I'm still under probation, will I be entitled to the 60 days maternity paid leave later? My due date should be by end of May 2012, which is 7 months later. Pls help.
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KL Siew
06/10/2011 16:18:03
1. You must be covered by the Employment Act (your salary not more than RM1500)
2. If you are not covered, there must be a clause about maternity benefit and you will be entitled to maternity leave with pay.
3. If you are still employed at the time of your confinement.

If you fulfill the above, you may be entitled to get maternity allowance.
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06/10/2011 17:12:17
1. My salary is more than RM 1500.00. Is this the only factor effecting one's eligibility?
2. In my appointment letter, nothing pertaining to maternity is written.
3. If the company decides not to confirm me or terminate my employment before my confinement after knowing I'm pregnant, can I take any action?

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KL Siew
06/10/2011 17:28:46
Then you will have little chance of getting your maternity allowance if the company chooses not to pay. If the company terminates your service because of that reason, then you can complain to the Industrial Relations Department.
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