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Wong YK
05/10/2011 19:23:57
Re: Deduction of wages

Dear KL Siew,
Reading through this forum resulted in a question in my mind. Recently, in my company, there was a minor accident in which a general worker had (without permission) drove the company lorry. He was not good at driving the lorry and had a minor accident. The directors were angry and deducted the cost of repair from the worker's wages in two portions. They said the worker need to compensate the company for the loss for his unauthorized driving of the company lorry. I, as the manager, only gave a warning letter. Is it legal to make deductions to an employee's wages in such a scenario?

Wong YK
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KL Siew
05/10/2011 21:15:31
The Employment Act is quite clear about deduction of wages under Section 24 . However, we may look silly if we allow someone to get away from their his wrong doing just because of the law. You decide.
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