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Wong YK
04/10/2011 15:55:49
Re: What is your recommendation for breaktime?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am running a factory. The lunch time for my workers is in two sessions. 12 noon to 1pm, or, 1 pm to 2pm. Typically, we work until 8pm. I know that the Employment Act requires us to have a break after 5 hours of continuous working. The break must be at least 30 minutes. How do I break the 5 hours of continuous working? Can I have a break of 10 minutes, say, at 6pm? My machines need to be attended to continuously. What is your recommendation?

Wong YK
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KL Siew
04/10/2011 18:49:00
You are the best person to know the working of the company, the type of machines, the type of work and so on. I think you can have a group discussion with the supervisors and some worker to find the best solutions.
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