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18/03/2010 11:39:41
Re: Company Property vs Monthly Salary after tender resignation

Dear Sir / Madam,

May i know how long can a company hold employee's salary when an employee has resigned and returned company's property??
If i'm not mistaken, it should be 7days, including all the claims and allowances. Am i right?? eventhough they need to check through the company's property whether in good condition.

KIndly advise. Thank You.
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KL Siew
18/03/2010 16:09:54
There is no such ruling in fact. Under the Employment Act, all wages should be paid not later than the last day of service. See below:

"20. Payment on normal termination of contract.

The wages, less lawful deductions, earned by but not yet paid to an employee whose contract of service terminates in accordance with section 11(1) or of section 12 shall be paid to such employee not later than the day on which such contract of service so terminates."

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19/03/2010 10:02:13
Hi, thanks for your feedback! are u trying to mean that, the remaining salary should receive on the last day itself??

Thank You.
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KL Siew
19/03/2010 11:36:29
Isn't that what the law says?
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19/03/2010 12:24:15
Hi, Thanks again!

By the way, the HR dept had let me signed the letter with the content of my last working day. And the content stated the previous month salary will be issued out to staff right after the end of next month.

If i had signed the letter, what should i do next??

Thanjs for your guidance.
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KL Siew
19/03/2010 14:40:43
I think you just get on with your new job, no point complaining as it will take longer than the end of next month to get your salary if you complain to the Labour Department.
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08/04/2010 08:24:38
Hi! I having the same problem.

My letter of release written:

" ...You final paycheck will be released within the same week of your last day of work."

My last day of work minus annual leave is 31 March 2010. I haven't receive my salary cheque until now.

I contact the boss, he replied 'we still chasing client's payment' , 'company have no money' , 'Jan and Feb not much profit'.

What should I do referring on my case?
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