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21/09/2011 13:17:45
Re: If earn more than RM1600, got overtime?

I m a lorry driver in a company, and earned RM1,600 plus allowances. Understand from Labour law, if more than RM1,500, there will be no OT.

1) In term of allowances, my employer will pay me extra RM10 if my working hour reached 7.30pm. My working hour is from 8.45am till 5.45pm. As my job need to run around, with the jam in KL, i usually reach office 7.30pm. Anyway, the RM10 is pretty a fixed one, i usualy get RM1,600+RM200 (min) It is appropriate for the employer to pay such allowance without OT?

2) Sometime i need to work additional, for late job. Usually i will go back 6pm then back to factory after 8pm to send the worker out for late job till around 10.00pm. The employer only paid me allowance of RM20, if my working hour drag to 11pm+, then add additonal RM20. It is legally correct?

During the interview, the employer did mentioned that above RM1,500, got no OT, but they will give allowance only. And i did agreed on that. But this was not stated in their appointment letter..

Pls advice the above.

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KL Siew
21/09/2011 13:32:58
For lorry drivers, they are entitled to overtime even though their salary is over RM1500. The employers can give allowance for OT but the amount should be adequate. Contact the Labour Department for more details.
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