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13/03/2010 17:44:04
Re: waiting period after Domestic inquiry

Dear Sir,

I would like to know what are the time period for HR dept to get back to the staff after conducted a domestic inquiry?

I was called for a domestic inquiry on the 9th Jan 2010 and they handed me a letter on 12th March 2010, in the letter it was stated as a serious warning to me but nothing changes pertaining to my status. I would like to know whether what they have done are legal as I was told they actually have to come back to me within 2 weeks after the trial of domestic inquiry, is this true? Anyway I did not accept the letter from HR dept.
Would appreciate your comment as I truly felt that I 've been victimized by the HR manager.
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KL Siew
18/03/2010 10:59:05
There is nothing in the Employment Act to say that decision under Section 14 must be given within 2 weeks. That "serious warning" could be one " any other lesser punishment" given under subsection(c) of section 14. Since no reduction of salary was involved, the Labour Department may not be able to help you. Consult them if you think necessary.
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