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nu tella
05/09/2011 11:13:25
Re: 关于工作时间


-8.30am 到 6.30pm (10个小时)
-1小时 午饭时间 (每天)

可是,我老板说午饭时间是不被计算在内的。就是说我们一星期只有45小时,老板同时要求我们要弥补他多 3小时 的工作时间。
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KL Siew
05/09/2011 12:01:59
你的老板没有说错。午饭时间不算工作时间。不过说明45小时就是45。 要加 3 小时就是超时。
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sheo chen
15/09/2011 15:39:07
13/9/2011 I employed a new worker n the wages count by rm3 per hour. I told her if she do not come work will no give wages. 16/9/2011 is public holiday, i asked her work 4 hrs n will her wages will count double, however she called me at 16/9/2011 n said she sick without visit a doctor. She can't worked at 16/9/2011, I had to call another partime to take over n have to pay double wages to partime. So, should i give her wages? Pls reply, thank you.
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