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Shanice Chia
02/09/2011 10:33:40
Re: Resignation & Pro rata Bonus

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have a question for my resignation.
I decide to tender my resignation at 5 sept and my last day should be 4 nov after 2 months notice given. Currently I still have 8days annual leave and if I use the 8 days AL to off-set my working days & leave company at 28 oct, does my company need to pay me until 4 nov?

2. My employment contract stated employee entitle 2 months bonus (my company practice is they pay 1 month in june and 1 month in dec) after completing 1 year services in the company. After confirmation, bonus will be paid pro rata from the date of commencement. If i resigned from my company in the end of oct, does my company need to pay the bonus to me till oct? some of them mentioned calculation should be (rm2200/ 6 months * 4 months (till oct) ). Is this calculation correct?

Appreciated very much for your kind advice.

Thanks You.

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Shanice Chia
02/09/2011 11:15:09
My salary is rm2200. If my company need to pay me till 4th of nov, calculation should be 2200/30 x 4 or 2200/26 x 4? I am 5 days working.

Thanks again.
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KL Siew
02/09/2011 11:43:19
1. Since you still have plenty of time, try to apply to clear all your leave balance before you go.

2. Some companies will not pay any bonus to staff that have tendered their resignation. Ask you HR whether you are entitled to prorated bonus or not.

3. Should be 2200/30 x 4
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02/09/2011 13:31:21
Thanks for your immediate advice.

Appreciate it.
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29/11/2011 17:39:08
how to calculate pro rate bonus;
basic pay - 2500
comencement date : 17/1/2011 - 31/12/2011
bonus entitle: 1.8
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