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25/08/2011 17:02:46
Re: Maternity problem

HI ,

Im working at this company over 5 years , and i found i pregnant, i inform to my boss , he wanted me to resign by myself otherwise , he change my current position from sales asst manager to indoor sales coordinator, he cut all my car allowance and manager allowance if i not accepted he ask me resign , did he got rignt to cut my allowance which i noted in confirmation letter ?


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KL Siew
25/08/2011 17:32:21
You just don't resign and let him make his move. Should anything happen, the place for you to complain is the Industrial Relations Department. Meanwhile, just wait and see.
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28/08/2011 02:48:15
Your employer action can be considered as constructive dismissal. Though the allowances can be withdrawn since it is not under salary, however when the allowances is under "norm" which paid monthly, employer cant cut/remove it unless due to business result - loss, cost cutting which must be proven.
Dont tender your resignation but make sure you have all the documentation
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