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13/03/2010 01:32:00
Re: How to complaint and what will happen to us?

My mean employer had constantly breached a few number of Labor Law regulations. Especially regarding the salary. For example, when a staff resign, unreasonable deductions will be deducted from their last paycheck. None of our ex-colleagues are willing to take action as they were afraid if it will affect their career (we are in a professional line and we need testimonial from our employer in order to get the membership from a professional bodies AND our employer is sort of SOMEBODY in this line). But lately, his misconduct is getting worse and we feel that we need to report it to the Labor Dept. We, silently are in the process of gathering old and new evidence (from 1 year back until now- such as log book, time sheets and billings) to support our complaint. The problem is, some of us still need to stay here in order to get the testimonial (as required by professional bodies). Can we still work here and file the complaint now or wait till we resign then file the complaint? Any advise?

Tq for your time.
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KL Siew
13/03/2010 09:15:58
Since you mentioned you were in the professional line, it could be that you are not covered by the Employment Act (which covers employees with salary not more than RM1500). If you are not covered, the Labour Department may not power to into the matters. Anyway, I would suggest that you pay a personal visit to the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department, talk to some of the officers to gain a better understanding of your case.
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