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22/08/2011 20:36:41
Re: If my salary hold by my ex company

Hi, Good day.
That have a something troublesome on me.
As I'm a employee that employed by 1 irresponsibility employer, which is, he didn't prepared my offer letter once i joined his company.
Till, few month ago, i found that, he doesn't contribute EPF to me. But due to i'm didn't have employment that i signed within them, and he doesn't give me the payslip (only give me the salary voucher without his signature)
From my case, I can complaint this employer through KWSP??
Kindly advise.
Beside that, this employer is still holding my last month salary, as he confirm will pay me last 2 week, but till up to date, i yet received the salary payment.
From the case i can complaint to Employment law??
Any comment, please leave here.
Thanks for your concern.
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KL Siew
22/08/2011 21:06:04
1. For non payment of salary, you can complain to the Labour Office
2. For non contribution of EPF, you can complain to EPF.
You can find these organisations at the links below.
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22/08/2011 22:06:37

Thanks for your responded.
Which link you sent to me?

But i didn't have the supporting document also can complaint this employer??
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KL Siew
23/08/2011 07:51:28
Never mind if you don't have. Just go and find out.
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