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18/08/2011 12:22:38
Re: Resignation with only 1 week notice

I have this problem, where i've resign with only 1 week notice but in my contract i need to serve 2 months notice. However in my letter of resignation, i already request for waived the 2 months salary that need to be paid. My letter has been received by HOD and then HR send me the email to backdated my resignation letter so that i no need to pay anything.

However, later HR change mind and need me to pay 1 month salary in lieu. Since i am so dissappointed, i've left the company after as date stated in my letter. And now they already send me letter from law firm and ask me to pay 2 months salary in lieu and claimed that i didnt give them any notice of resignation.

So my question is:-
(a) Do i still have to pay them 2 months salary in lieu?
(b) What happen if I didnt revert to the law firm? They said that they will bring the case to legal and what will happen next?
(c) Where the case will be ended, and if end of the case i able to pay them partially by monthly payment, it is accepted? Coz the figure is so high and i could afford to pay lumpsum.

Appreciate your feedback. TQ
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KL Siew
18/08/2011 15:19:44
I think so, you have to pay. How you are going to pay is up to you to make arrangement with the HR.
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