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13/03/2010 00:05:33
Re: Calculation of unpaid leave in the same month where there is a public holiday in the same month

Good day,

I have 2 questions:

1) How to determine the working days (per month)? Is it up to the company or differs based on the actual working days in that month?public holiday should be included or excluded as working day?

2) Can you please explain how to calculate the deduction for unpaid leave when there is a public holiday in the same month?

For example, i took 2 days of unpaid leave in the month where there is 1 day of public holiday.
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KL Siew
13/03/2010 09:09:48
For unpaid leave use (salary/number of days in the month(e.g 28, 30 or 31) x number of days of unpaid leave
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