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16/08/2011 11:24:40
Re: surrender of company documents


I recently resigned from my company. and on my last day I was asked to sign a letter but i refused to sign. what are the consequences of me not signing the letter with the statements as below?

Surrender of company properties
that I have surrendered all company documents and items under my responsibilities (including files, flashdrives, records, door & drawer keys, etc.)

I confirm that, in the course of performing and fulfilling my duties during my tenure I have access to and was entrusted with confidential information concerning the present and contemplated financial status and activities of the company, the disclosure of any of which confidential information to competitors of the company, any person, firm, media or corporation would be highly detrimental to the interests of the company. The company further acknowledges and agrees that the right to maintain the confidentiality of such information constitutes a proprietary right which the company is entitled to protect.

Accordingly, I covenant and agree with the company that I will not, disclose any of such confidential information to any person, firm, media or corporation, nor shall use same, for any purpose detrimental to the company, its management and staff, and thereafter the company has the right to seek appropriate legal action.
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KL Siew
16/08/2011 19:57:52
Since you don't want to sign, so be it. Let them do whatever they like.
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17/08/2011 11:06:55
Can they make a police report on me claiming I have not returned the company files, records and others to them? since I dont have a proof that I have already returned it.
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KL Siew
17/08/2011 18:46:02
What can I say? You wouldn't know what they could do. Try to sort things out properly if possible.
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