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Yap Hon Khieat
12/03/2010 19:41:36
Re: Indonesian maid RM600 salary

Today I was in the Indonesia embassy to renew my maid passport. They insisted that I should sign the contract with the maid stating pay as RM600 otherwise her passport will not be renewed.

I was forced to sign under duress even with protest.

My maid is already here for 3 years ie started to work for us in year 2007 with anniversary in April of each year. Initially she drawn a pay RM400 when mose were getting Rm360/month. We increased her pay in April 2009 to RM470 after her completion of the 2 years contract ie. on her 3rd. year.

With her next anniversary approaching in April and her passport expiry at Feb 18, 2011 which is not sufficient to renew her work permit with Malaysian immigration I went to the Indonesian Embassy to extend her passport.

I've the following questions.

1. Has our government reached an agreement with Indonesia to impose the RM600 salary on existing (not new maid) who has completed her 2 years contract?
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KL Siew
12/03/2010 22:15:52
Actually, this has nothing do with labour law.We happen to have an Indonesian maid for more than 4 years and when we renewed her contract lately, we had to increase her pay to RM600 in the contract and we are now paying her that amount, no less. The best place to consult is the maid agency where you got your maid.
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go ahead
19/03/2010 12:51:28
sign the contract but don't give the stated amount.
Like my employer did to one of my foreign friend.

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