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Patrick Chong
13/08/2011 22:35:06
Re: Contract staff overtime payroll

Hi KL Siew,

I worked for this company as a contract staff (Mechanical & Electrical Clerk of work) for almost a year with a basic salary of Rm4850.00 plus hand phone allowance of Rm150.00 = Rm5000.00 per month.

Lately, they even promoted me as Acting Maintenance Manager start effective 18th July 2011 with an allowance of Rm800.00.

Up to date, this company paid out my overtime claim for the month of March only. Pending is for the month of April, May, June and July yet to be pay. Issue now is my contract going to expired soon (2nd Sept. 2011) another 2 weeks plus.

My question is:
1. What should i do? Should i write in to keep this company inform about my overtime since my contract is going to expire soon?
2. If they intent to extend my contract whereby I not planned to extend it, what happen if they not pay off my overtime?
3. Do they have their right to hold my overtime for such a long period? It's almost 5 - 6 months already.

Kindly please advise....

Thank You

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KL Siew
14/08/2011 22:11:44
Keep pestering them for the overtime payment. If they don't pay, you may have to sue them for it.
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