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12/08/2011 13:12:58
Re: 2 Shift working Hours

Dear Sir:

KIndly advise whether the following shift working hours is valid and do not breach the employment act:

We want to run for 2 shifts 12 hours with 3 group of workers for 24hrs non-stop operation, let say as below table:

Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu
Oct 1 2 3 4 5 6
Group 1 12hrs R R W W W W

Group 2 12 hrs W W R R W W

Group 3 12 hrs W W W W R R

The quesion are:

1) can the work circle as 6 days and not normal 7 days in week?
2) the work of 12 hrs in a day whether need to pay 4 hrs OT? as i know shift work can be 12 hrs continous without OT pay as well as not more than 48 hrs a week.
3) the 6 days rotate seems the working hrs not more than 48 hrs in a week (in 6 days) , whether need to pay OT fsubsitute of the day 7th ?
4) the above shift pattern comply the labour laws?

Anyone has 2 shift working hours pattern kindly share with me. Your advice is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much and Regards,

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