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12/03/2010 02:59:53
Re: Termination

Hi Siew,
If I terminate a staff due to the reasons of bad performance in his job and not suitable to the job by paying back 2weeks salary (still in probabtion) or 1month salary (after probabtion), am I fully comply to the labour law? If there any chance that he able to file a case?

If in the appoinment letter, under the provision of termination, stated that the termination must agreed by both parties=>will this causing a problem if the staff refuse to accept the termination of contract?

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KL Siew
12/03/2010 09:11:02
"..termination must agreed by both parties...", that's quite unusual. Try to make him a good offer so that he will agree to leave that's all, I suppose. If nothing can work out, you may have to terminate with one month's notice or salary anyway and let the matter be settled at the Labour Department or IR Department if he still complained.
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