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10/08/2011 18:03:00
Re: Replacement leave for PH

Dear sir,

Currently, my company working hour is Sunday to Thurday,11:30 - 9:00pm.

for coming Hari Raya, my GM would like to let the staff to have long holidays, he would like to ask the staff to come to work on 30th Aug (which is a PH) and need not come to work on the coming Sunday (4th Sept) as the replacement leave for them.

Need to seek your advice

1) can we practice like that?
2) need to pay the staff double/ triple pay for coming to work during PH ? istead of paying them, can we just replaced them the leave?

Thanks & Regards
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KL Siew
10/08/2011 21:22:13
That is a special arrangement for the staff to enjoy a long stretch of holiday. If all the staff are happy with the arrangement and trade-off, there should not be a problem. Anyway, for non compulsory holidays, replacement is allowed.
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