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Alex Yap
10/08/2011 10:53:31
Re: Resignation without 3month notice

Do I need to pay 3 month salary for my company,
With out giving 3 month notice, but
I workind with this company only less than 7day.
My manage send me a letter said that I need to
pay .
Pls advise.

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KL Siew
10/08/2011 14:28:52
If the contract of service stated the period of notice to be 3 months, then the employer can sue you for 3 months salary even if you worked for one day and quit.
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Alex Yap
10/08/2011 17:10:46
If really sue me, I dun hve enough money to pay.
What can I do ?? Can negotiating ??
Pls advise

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Alex Yap
10/08/2011 17:15:01
I work only 7 day , but need to pay them about
RM 15000 , stupid lah
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