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Work Hard
09/08/2011 19:43:55
Re: non performing staff

Hi there
What can we do with poor performing & attitude staff .If we terminated then we still
have to pay them salary and reimbursment depand on years of service.Pay cut
is not allow in labour act
Very unfair to company. Pls advise is there other method ?
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KL Siew
10/08/2011 14:22:55
It is the job of the employer to give the staff the necessary training and guidance on how to do a job properly. If you have done that and with a number of reminders, warnings and there is no improvement then you may have reasons to terminate his service.
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Work Hard
10/08/2011 16:43:36
Re:non performing staff part 2
But even we terminate their service we still have to reimbursment them Right?
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KL Siew
10/08/2011 21:29:13
May or may not have to. It depends how the court would decide after hearing the arguments of both parties, should the case reach there.
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