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09/08/2011 09:10:12
Re: Production Manager absent almost 2 weeks

Mr Siew,

Need your help urgently. We have a production Manager who absent since 26/6/2011 with notify pihak management & his immediate superior (Factory Manager). Subsequently we sent him a show cause letter on 5th August 2011. Yesterday time about 16:00 pm, he came to our office to hand over the explanation letter. In his letter he mentioned this “memohon maaf atas kegagalan saya memohon cuti sebelum bercuti. Saya telah memaklumkan pada tuan General Manager secara lisan memohon cuti sehingga 7hb Ogos 2011 atas sebab-sebab peribadi”.

In fact before we sent the show cause letter to him, we have asked all relevant management, General Manager, Factory Manager & Finance & Admin Manager whether the production Manager inform during his absenteeism, none of them said yes.

Today we will conduct the domestic inquiry with him with the present of General Manager, Factory Manager, Finance & Admin Manager & my self HR Executive.

1) Please advise us the proper procedure of the domestic enquiry.
2) If he found guilty, we dismiss him, do him need to pay 2 month notice wages? We still holding his July 2011 salary pay, is this lawful.
3) Based on the explanation letter, I don’t thing the reason “peribadi” acceptable.
4) What about if my General Manager confirmed he didn’t inform him on this?

Really need your valuable advice!. Thank you
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KL Siew
09/08/2011 10:00:35
If you don't know the procedure, you better engage a outside labour consultant to advise you.
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09/08/2011 12:39:45
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