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Nora Yasmin
04/08/2011 21:35:46
Re: salary deductions due grades system

Dear Mr. Siew,

Good evening. I seek for your advise, I 've been working in current co' for almost 11 years. My current salaries RM7500.Last year my co' has appointed a consultancy which has implemented sort of salary grades of each job positions, as to ensure equal pay. I have been called by my boss last week, saying that my current salaries is beyond my salaries grades. Therefore she want to deducts my salaries as par equivalent to salary grades which RM4000. I feel shocked, I keep quiet. Can Co' cut my salaries due to that salary classes?. what if i refuse to agree? do they do bad actions to me?Kindly advise
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KL Siew
04/08/2011 22:09:56
How to keep quiet. You should strongly protest and not going to accept the cut. Tell her to give you a letter to that effect if she insists on reducing you salary. And see what happens. You may have a case to fight.
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Nora Yasmin
06/08/2011 17:31:36
Thank you
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