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11/03/2010 14:01:33
Re: Insist taking EL as Annual leave has not been approved

I would like to know can a staff absent from work if his leave has been rejected?
To his reply, he did not receive any notification from HR. Our company is using eleave system which mean staff should check the leave application status by themselves. The leave has been rejected a day before the actual day and he was on MC on that day also. Therefore he claimed is not his fault. Shouldn't he report to work as normal and check in the morning or call HR to confirm if he is lazy to drive to work to check? He shouldn't assume the leave should be approved.
The management decide to issue him a warning letter but he rejected to acknowledge it as he insist it is not his fault. It is HR's duty to call him personally to inform him on the leave status. So, that he can take EL instead of absent.
Is he correct? Can he reject to sign the warning letter?
Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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KL Siew
11/03/2010 14:44:14
Could there be some weakness in the e-leave system? You people are the best ones to sort it out. If the issue really cannot be resolved, I think a domestic inquiry could be held first before passing a guilty judgment (warning letter) summarily.
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23/03/2010 13:47:15
hi there

i want to ask about working hours. How long does a employee needs to work? what if they are required to work extra hours without been paid OT, which was questioned but was said that the extra 30 minutes are due for 15 minutes breaks which are not included in 9 working hours

please advise on this
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