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28/07/2011 11:47:59
Re: Annual leave

date that joined the company was 15th march 2010.

i just need to know some information on my annual leave. i want to apply leave the end of august, which make me more than 5 months in the company already... but my HR said that they will deduct my salary for each day of my leave taken because i have not fulfilled one year in the company.

in my appointment letter, it states that:

a) less than two years of service - 12 days
b) 2 years of service or more bt less than 5 years of service - 14 days
c) 5 years of service - 16 days

with a note stating that such leave are provided after confirm of appointment.

please advice me on this matter.

thank you.

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KL Siew
28/07/2011 16:40:47
Your HR is correct. You have to complete 12 months service to qualify for leave. However, some companies do give prorated leave but still, it is up to individual companies.
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28/07/2011 19:51:25
Ok Mr.Siew,

but am i not entitle for one day of leave in each month after i have confirmed?

because i called labour office and this is what they have advised me. so i am pretty confused myself now.

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KL Siew
29/07/2011 07:15:14
Then you can tell your HR what the Labour Office had told you.
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