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Rebecca Soo
28/07/2011 08:13:22
Re: Salaries / Increment / Bonuses Survey

Dear Sir/Madam

Recently I received an email from our HR Dept on the follwing issue.

>>>You are nominated by HR to do a survey on your previous employment and current employment salary record (starting salary, annual increment & bonus). We shall promise you to keep all the information strictly P & C.<<<

My questions:
1)Due to privacy issue, how can we ignore this request professionally?
2)Our HR has not get the approval from the Management to conduct this survey.
3)Our Dept Manager is not aware of this survey.

for items 2 & 3, shall we inform our Top Management and Dept Manager.

Thank you in advance.
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KL Siew
28/07/2011 09:16:05
It is quite likely your HR is trying to get info so that they can formulate a salary structure policy for the company. Anyway, as you said, consult the senior management and get some views from them about that survey.
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