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27/07/2011 22:15:18
Re: Termination

I just received a termination notice from my management today and they agreed to compensate 1 month salary for asking me to leave the company.
I have working in the company for about 7 months
Reason of termination: unsuitable working attitude and poor communication skill, although my performance for my duty is up to their requirement .
So far, the superior only counselling 1 time about my working behavior after 3 months probation period. During the counseling time, there is no record is made and keep in file.
I did not receive any "Warning Letter" by the management during my service period in the company.
Now, my concern is: can they simply terminate me with such a short notice? Can I open a file with Labor Office to sue them ?
Kindly advise. TQ.
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KL Siew
28/07/2011 09:11:02
You can seek advice from either the Labour Office or the Industrial Relations Department. Go there personally to get more info.
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