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Ms X
26/07/2011 22:52:36
Re: working hours

If one is working in the shopping mall and the working hours are 10am-9pm per day (11 hours per day) and 5 1/2 days per week (61 hours per week) is it considered violation of the employment act? Does the act apply for every employee in any industry or only those wages less than RM1500? Thank you.
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KL Siew
27/07/2011 08:49:57
It looks like the employees are entitled to overtime pay. The EA only covers non manual employees with salary not more than RM1500. For those with salary over RM1500, they should also be entitled to overtime pay, they don't work for free just because they are not covered by the EA.
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27/07/2011 23:08:54
I work in a retail shop. Does OT counts after 8 hours on normal working days and also on public holidays?
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KL Siew
28/07/2011 09:08:38
Normal OT is 1.5x hourly rate. OT for PH is 3x hourly rate.
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