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25/07/2011 14:11:29
Re: Notice of Resignation

Dear Mr Siew,

I would like to check with you on the resignation notice.

I've submitted my resignation on 21/7/2011, with my current employement contract, i needed to give 2 months notice. I'm willing to give compensate of 1 month. I have 14days AL, i taken 4 1/2days. I would like to check with you what is the standard labour rules in Malaysia to calculate my last day?

Awaiting for your prompt reply,

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25/07/2011 14:26:23
Mr Siew,

Is there any rules that the calculation as per attached:-

1yr = 14days
14day / 2 = 7days for 6months

Since i've resigned on 21/7/2011, the HR will calculate is this way (14/2 = 7days, minus 4 1/2 days, bal leave I have will be 2 1/2days)

Pls confirm.

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KL Siew
25/07/2011 16:06:59
I think your HR is correct.
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25/07/2011 17:39:53
U think?? Meant? Got such rules in Malaysia???
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26/07/2011 14:37:20
Dear Cammie,

I hold no HR roles, but to the understanding of all employees, the calculation should read as follows:-

Option 1:-

Jan (31 days), Feb (28 days), Mar (31 days), Apr (30 days), May (31 days), Jun (30 days), Jul (21 days plus till your last day, if any)

Add up all the above
--------------------------- X 14 days = Pro Rate of your Annual Leave
365 days

(As per Labour Dept's advised for my previous enquiries).

Option 2 (as per your HR calculation):-

1) 14/2 = 7 days for 1st 6 months (Jan to June) AND
= 7 days for 2nd 6 months (Jul to Dec)

Your resignation = 21/7 (if your last day), therefore you have earned 7 days leave (fm Jan till Jun).

7 days + (1/6 x 7 days = 1.16 days) ==> approx 8.0 days entitlement.
minus ==> 4.5 days leave taken
Bal ===> 3.5 days

I would say the 1st option will be more accurate which "win-win" situation can be achieved.

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