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21/07/2011 14:36:48
Re: Salary Increment!

I would like to know, which is the correct manner in which to give an employee's increment.If he joined Sept2009, completes 3 months probation is confirmed by the company, he gets his increment at that time, namely, Dec2009.But in the following year:Sept 2010, when is he entitled to his increment, is it sept the month he joined or in every year thereafter , will it be December?Also, now the company is beginning a new system where, all annual leave and salary increment will be given in Jan of the next year, namely Jan 2012.Then , doesnt the employee loose out? Shouldnt he be given pro-rata, for the months before Jan 2012, and then begin the new system?Please advise. thankyou.
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KL Siew
22/07/2011 08:48:36
There is no provision in the Employment Act about salary increase and how it should be given. It all depends on the policy of the company.
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