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20/07/2011 10:39:29
Re: Payment of Medical Bills

Hello Siew,

Google is just great.. I got to know of your site where I find the answers given are both precise and workable for employers and employees. Was searching for similar case but could not trace any.

Anyway, my predicament is, we have a staff who is 'problematic' and in the most recent case, she fell at home due to her house renovation work and bruise her knee. She can still drive to work and her walking is okay - a little limping but no bandages or such. She was issued with 2 days MC which we accepted. We have always compensated the medical bills incurred by staff but for this particular case for this employee, are we duty bound to compensate her for medical bill incurred under this circumstance?

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KL Siew
20/07/2011 20:26:57
If your company has the policy of footing medical bills, I don't see why should this case be an exception
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22/07/2011 13:49:07
Dear Christine,

If you are playing HR role, we as an employee can see that you have prejudice on her because you have quoted her as "problematic" staff...

If she is not as "problematic" as you have mentioned, would you have doubt on your question?

I agreed with Mr Siew's answer. :-)
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25/07/2011 12:41:56
Dear M,

Yes, you can say that I am playing the ‘HR’ role. I also play many other roles. We are a small company and when the manager do not want to ‘pay out’ due to this ‘prejudice’ matter, I needed to show proof that it is within the labour law to pay out medical bill. For your further information, besides Siew, I also checked with other sources to get the right message across to the Manager. I must therefore write on behalf of the employer and not the employee.

I’ve been ‘fighting’ for the ‘underdog’ – yet sometimes, I wish people will just put a little more effort in finding a ‘win-win’ solution – then I don’t even have write this little piece of shit to explain myself!
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