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10/03/2010 15:50:25
Re: Annual Leave

I had tender my resignation letter on 23rd February and the last day will be 22nd March 2010. I joined the company since 1/7/07.
I was entitled for 15 days of Annual leave this year if work 3 years according to calendar year ( which all my other colleagues get it full). But when I resigned, my HR advised that I only have 3 balance leave to be off set as she counted with 14 days on AL because I am not in full year and annual leave will be prorated from Jan to 22 March only. so the leave I can get until 22th March is 3.16 days which is 3 days.
I would like to seek for your advice because the annual leave should be counted for 3 full months with 15 days entitlement which is 3.75 days or 4 days?
Thanks for your help.
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KL Siew
10/03/2010 16:36:16
Your HR is less wrong, accept their calculation. The law (Section 60E(2A) talks about "....leave accrued in respect of the COMPLETED MONTHS...."
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