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19/07/2011 09:39:20
Re: Constructively Dismissal

Hi, i also resigning from my post.
Before, I tender my resignation letter, my superior request me to replace my colleague's job (out of my job scope) after she left the company since Oct last year. So, my job scope suddenly become bigger and bigger every day.
He also intended to humiliate me in front of everyone even because of small issues especially in front of director or even external person.
Recently, I request to extend my maternity leave for few days but has been rejected due to unreasonable issues.
So, I really feel forced to resign. He don't want to approved my leave but immediately approve my resignation letter. But, I give notice for next two months. So, my last day should be end of August. But, company didn't allow me to come for work anymore and want to pay my salary until August and release me immediately. Is it my case fall under 'Constructive dismissal"? Or I can fight back and sue the company?
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KL Siew
19/07/2011 12:31:34
If you want to claim 'constructive dismissal', you will have to file a claim for reinstatement at the Industrial Relations Department to get back your job. I don't know why you want to do that since you are not happy to work there. May as well take the money and go. You decide or go and consult the IR Department first.
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