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18/07/2011 14:44:56
Re: Offset / Buyout annual leave due to short notice

I have a couple of queries as follows:

1.) I am supposed to provide a 3 month notice if I wish to resign. However, I've provided a short notice resignation notice whereby I am only providing 1.5 months notice and am short by 1.5 months.
2) I have 17 days annual leave days left and have requested my employer to use this to offset the short notice and I will pay the balance.

However, my employer has:
1) Refused to use the annual leave days to offset the short notice nor
2) Offer to buy out my annual leave days
3) Not allowed me to apply for any annual leave till my last day on payroll

Is this correct? I mean, can my annual leave days be just forfeited with no buyout / used to offset the short notice?
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KL Siew
18/07/2011 18:09:55
It will be more effective for you to get an official ruling from the Labour Department since both are unable to compromise.
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